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Will Bitcoin be Banned or Regulated in the UK?

Bitcoin ban regulated UK
Are you interested in cryptocurrency but wondering if it’s going to be banned or face tighter regulation in the UK? You’re not alone. There are plenty of reasons to be nervous about a crypto crackdown, although it’s doubtful there’ll be an outright ban on Bitcoin (BTC). The most likely scenario…

Where can I spend my Bitcoin in the UK?

Where to spend Bitcoin UK
Are you sitting on a stash of Bitcoin and wondering where you can spend it in the UK? Despite a huge surge in the number of people engaging with crypto in recent years, it can still be quite tricky to use it in the real world. Here, I’ll take a…

Review: Kryptex Free Bitcoin and Crypto Mining App

Kryptex crypto mining app
A question that still gets asked a lot by crypto enthusiasts is ‘can I mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on my PC at home?’. In short, the answer is no, it’s no longer possible to do so profitably using a home computer. You need expensive, dedicated hardware (known as ASCI miners)…

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Crypt-mas in Australia

crypto Christmas presents Australia
Meredith Willson penned the festive classic ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ way back in 1951, but fast forward to 2021 and ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like crypt-mas’, in Australia at least. A new study by has found that 26% of Aussies are planning to…

What is Crypto Wash Trading and How Does it Work?

Crypto wash trading exchanges
Wash trading is a form of market manipulation that can apply to both crypto and traditional trading stocks and shares on exchanges. It can take many forms, but usually involves traders, brokers or investors colluding to fake trades to coerce the market price of a crypto or stock. Exchanges have…

Are There Any Crypto Friendly Mortgage Lenders in the UK?

crypto friendly mortgage lender UK
With property prices soaring ever further out of reach, many people are considering turning to their Bitcoin and crypto profits to fund a house. But despite the fact that Bitcoin has been around since 2009, many banks and mortgage lenders are still wary of crypto, with some refusing to have…

What are the Top Crypto Friendly Banks in the UK?

crypto friendly banks in the UK
It’s perfectly legal to buy and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the UK, but despite this, the nation’s banks are still wary about crypto. If you’ve ever found that you’ve been blocked by your bank when you’ve tried to buy cryptocurrency with your debit or credit card or transfer…

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

top ways of making money with cryptocurrency
Crypto adoption has been rapidly accelerating in recent years, with the prospect of inflation-busting returns and a dash of FOMO driving interest among investors. Some 2.3million people in the UK are now thought to own crypto, whether it be mainstream coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or meme coins (Doge…

HMRC Cracks Down on Wealthy Crypto Investors Underpaying Tax

Capital Gains Tax cryptocurrency UK
Rich crypto investors underpaid £428,000 in tax in 2020 – a 202% increase on the previous year, according to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The increase – up from £142,000 – shows that crypto adoption has surged and tax underpayment will only increase, says law firm Pinsent Masons, which highlighted…