How to Earn Completely Free Bitcoins by Completing Surveys

Bitcoin surveys

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Bitcoin is a hot topic and a growing number of people investing in cryptocurrency.

But some people either don’t have the funds to buy crypto or are unwilling to risk their hard-earned cash on the notoriously volatile asset class.

You may be asking yourself how you can earn some free Bitcoin (BTC), especially if it’s something you can do online and from the comfort of your own home as a side hustle.

Surveys are an excellent way to earn some extra cash, especially as you can fit them in around your own lifestyle.

Lots of companies are willing to pay you in Bitcoin for simply giving your opinions or evaluating products and websites.

You won’t earn a full-time living this way, but you can certainly boost your income and get hold of some crypto risk-free with these top survey sites.

Table of Contents
1. Cointiply
2. Surveytime
3. Rewardingways
4. Timebucks
5. Cinchbucks

1. Cointiply

Cointiply comes top of our list due to the number of earning opportunities available, the speed of payment and its ease of use.

Each day you’ll find dozens of different surveys to choose from, together with other ways of earning Bitcoin, such as clicking on ads and watching short clips.

In terms of surveys, the pay outs scale up depending on the length of the survey, but it is possible to earn over £1 for 10-15 minutes of your time.

There’s a low minimum threshold for withdrawing your crypto as well at 35,000 Cointiply coins (about £4).

Many of the surveys are easy to qualify for and most give you a small pay out even if you’re disqualified.

The only drawback with Cointiply is that your balance is held in Cointiply coins until you withdraw meaning the amount of Bitcoin you’ll get varies depending on the market rate.

While this can work in your favour if the price of Bitcoin falls, it would be better if the rewards were paid in Bitcoin and fixed at the time of taking the survey.

Get started with Cointiply >>

2. Surveytime

Surveytime takes the second spot on this list because it’s one of the better paying sites around, with all surveys paying $1.

There’s a fairly lengthy questionnaire to take before you can start participating, and many surveys screen you out without payment.

However, and this is a real bonus, there is no minimum payment threshold and payments for successfully completed surveys are instant.

This means your reward is sent directly in Bitcoin to your Coinbase account (or you can choose cash with PayPal) as soon as the survey is over.

Get started with Surveytime >>

3. Rewardingways

Although this site feels somewhat dated, it offers a wide range of survey earning opportunities, together with offer walls and other rewards.

Rewarding Ways features surveys from many of the large research agencies meaning there are lots of opportunities available each day.

A major drawback to this site is that if you want to withdraw your earning in Bitcoin there is a $200 minimum threshold.

However, if you choose PayPal the amount drops to $1 and is available instantly. We recommend choosing this method then using your funds to buy crypto on an exchange.

Get started with Rewarding Ways >>

4. Timebucks

This is another site that could do with a design refresh, but again there are lots of earning opportunities available.

There’s also a daily contest – or ladder – which rewards users with cash prizes based on how much they’ve earned or how many people they’ve referred to the site.

Payments are made automatically each Thursday when you reach the minimum threshold of $10.

There’s an active community using the site and a chat room where you can swap earning tips with other members.

Get started with Timebucks >>

5. Cinchbucks

Cinchbucks is quite similar to the previous two portals in terms of the platform layout and the earning opportunities.

Sign-up is straight forward and there are plenty of earning opportunities. Like the other sites on this list, surveys pay the most.

We’re unsure if the site is updated very often as we feel there are areas that should have been updated, so check when you sign up.

If you want to withdraw in Bitcoin, you’ll need to earn $50 or more. You only need $10 for a PayPal withdrawal.

Get started with Cinchbucks >>

How to make the most out of survey sites

All the sites that I’ve covered above are free to join, and it’s a good idea to subscribe to as many as possible to maximise your earnings potential.

Don’t be put off if you’re finding surveys hard to qualify for, or that you’re screened out halfway through.

This is normal as many companies are looking for a very specific respondent. Keep at it and you’ll find the right surveys and start earning.

I’ve earned some crypto, now what do I do?

Apart from Surveytime which only pays to Coinbase, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet to receive your payment from the other platforms.

There are many options available, and the choice can be bewildering if you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets.

Coinbase is a good choice for the other sites too as it’s very user friendly. It’s also one of the biggest exchanges in the world meaning it’s safe and secure.

Get started with a Coinbase wallet or read our review >>

The one drawback with Coinbase is that you’ll have to go through an application process to join, which covers KYC/AML regulations.

It also means that your private keys are held by the Coinbase rather than you. For most people this won’t matter, but if you’re more privacy-focused you could try a service such as Trust Wallet.

This app keeps your keys on your phone meaning you’re completely in control of your crypto, without having to rely on a third-party provider.

You can also create a wallet without having to reveal detailed personal information.

Read our Trust Wallet review >>

The other option is hardware wallet, such as the Trezor. This is a very secure way of storing your crypto, but it’s more inflexible compared to a wallet app or exchange.

Secure a high rate of interest on your survey earnings

Now that you’re earning crypto, you might want to see your investment grow rather than languishing on an exchange or wallet.

You could try depositing it in a high interest crypto account where your Bitcoin will also benefit from compounding.

Two of the top accounts around are BlockFi and Nexo, but there are others to choose from.

Get started with BlockFi >>

Get started with Nexo >>

We’ve gone into more detail about these accounts – and others – in our guide to the top 5 crypto savings and investment accounts.

I want to buy some crypto to add to my portfolio

If you’ve decided your survey earnings aren’t enough and you want to buy some crypto, check out the top 5 exchanges to buy crypto to help you continue your journey into the world of digital currency.

If you want to find out more about Bitcoin and how it works, take a look at our guide to buying Bitcoin here.

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